Ebrahim Sulaiman Sait

M.P. , Leader of Indian National League and Indian Union Muslim League

Personalities like late Janab Moulana Mohiaddin Alwaye cannot be forgotten. Personalities with such learning ability and Islamic Knowledge are rarely born. He was a man with extra-ordinary abilities, with a very cordial nature and friendly to all. He established Jamia Azharul Uloom ten years back which is progressing well.

He was very closely associated with me at Delhi, Cairo and Madina (Saudi Arabia)

His services for the unity of Muslim Ummah were very laudable and he was popular with all sections of Islamic thought.

May Allah grant him an elevated place in Jannath Firdous.

Kerala, 2001

Apa B. Bant

Ambassador of India to Egypt

I have the greatest of pleasure and, if I may say so, the privilege of having Professor A.M. Mohiaddin Alwaye working with me for the last three years. For his loyalty, patriotism and efficiency of work, I have nothing but the highest of praise.

His work in Egypt for the past seven years has won for him and for India praise as well as many friends. He is an able speaker and a great scholar of Islamic history and of world events. His contacts amongst the students in the University of Al Azhar, Cairo, are wide and deep. He is highly respected and loved.

Prof. Alwaye has participated in many cultural and educational activities with me in Cairo during the past three years. I have no doubt , if given occasion and opportunity, he will distinguish himself in work that will bring people of different lands together and join them for constructive work for peace, harmony and progress of all. I wish him and his family all the very best.

Cairo, 1969

A.S. Chib

Ambassador of India to Egypt

I have seen with great regret your letter of 20th November informing us of your intention to resign from your post in the I.S.I at Cairo. All your colleagues in the I.S.I. will be sorry to see you leaving bet we do appreciate the reasons given in your letter which have forced you to take this step.

2. During your stay in Egypt, you have made a valuable contribution towards promoting a better understanding between India and the Arab world through your thesis “Islamic Call and its developments in India” and other articles which you contributed to the Sawtul Shark and the Sawtul Hind. I wish you all success in your new teaching assignment in Saudi Arabia and, I am sure, you will be able to continue to serve India equally well in this capacity.

Cairo, 1977