The Arab World

‘Arab World’ is a book written in Malayalam as an introduction to the Arab World for the reader. The characteristics of the Arab World is given such as the geography, the climate the political situation. Each of the Arab countries are mentioned in brief with an explanation of its culture, climate,the political and social system.

Ideological Challenges Facing the Muslim World

This book discusses the ideological challenges that the Muslim World faces, in particular regarding accusations and doubts raised by orientalists on the religion of Islam. The book mentions some of these accusations and the actual responses to them.

Islam & Human Issues

The author in this book clarifies the Islamic stand in many of the contemporary human issues. Thus Islam’s concept of principles, values, humanity, life and world is explained. It also describes how Islam handles modern issues such as women, youth, usury and how Islam strives for improvement of relationships between nations and establishing values and principles in our life.