The Palestine Problem

This book is a collection of articles on the Palestinian problem : its origin and development. It describes the Zionist plot, the tragedy of the Palestinian nation and the indifference shown by the International community to this issue. The book discusses how to deal with this plot means of supporting the Palestinian Arabs in their just cause.

The Code of Preachers

The author in this book tried to specify a code to be followed by preachers to Islam. The book first explains the importance of the Islamic Call and its fundamentals. It then details the characteristics and values that should be available in those preaching Islam. The book also discusses the methods and means of Islamic Call, and the importance of understanding the target audience. It also mentions many of the specialties of the religion of Islam that should be emphasized by its preachers.

Pillars of Islam:Shahada & Salah

This book is a brief description of the ‘Shahadah’ and ‘Salah’, two of the pillars of Islam. This book which was published by the Islamic University in Medina is part of a series on the pillars of Islam.

The Arab World- Urdu

‘Arab World’ is a book written in Urdu as an introduction to the Arab World for the reader. The characteristics of the Arab World is given such as the geography, the climate the political situation. Each of the Arab countries are mentioned in brief with an explanation of its culture, climate,the political and social system.

Contemporary Indian Literature

This book aims at introducing the contemporary Indian literature to the Arab world. The various languages – currently recognized in India – is introduced, its origin and development, the most important historical and contemporary literary activities and a brief introduction to the most famous authors in each language.

The India Al-Bairooni Saw

This book is the translation from Arabic to Malayalam of “Kitabul Hind” the book written by the famous Arab traveler ‘Al-Bairuni. Al-Bairuni in his book documents information about India during his era, covering its geography, social life and religions. He describes in details the beliefs found in Indian religions, the castes existing at that time and the contribution of Indians in various sciences. This book of Al-Bairuni is considered a historical reference to the life in India particularly for the period from 1017 till 1037 during which Bairuni conducted his travels to India.

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Islamic Call & Its Development in Indian Subcontinent

This book is the Ph.D. thesis presented by the author in Al-Azhar University. The book discusses the history of the Islamic Call in India. It is divided into 4 sections : The Arab-Indo relations before Islam, Islamic call and how it reached India, the progress of Islam in India and finally, the contributions of Indians in the Islamic and Arabic sciences.

The Essence of Islam

The Essence of Islam, which is orginally a text book for the Islamic Studies Course in English at the University of Al-Azhar is intended to be a short account of the Islamic Faith, based on the clear verses of the Quran and the teaching of the Prophet Muhammed. Islam means submission to the One Loard of the Universe and living a life of right action. The entire teaching of the Quran is based on this Cardinal idea.

Chemmeen (Shrimps)

This book is the Arabic translation of the award winning novel “Chemmeen” (meaning prawns) written by Thakazhi Sivasankara Pillai. The novel takes place in the fishermen community along the coasts of Kerala, and depicts the the life style of this community.

Mohammadan Message & Oriantalists Accusations

This book is a response to several of the accusations and doubts raised by orientalists on the prophet-hood of Muhammed. The book first discusses the concept of Prophethood in general and then the uniqueness of Mohammed’s prophethood. The book details the accusations raised by “S.D. Joiten” in his book about Islam. These accusations are discussed in details and refuted.